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Straight from a game into your E-Learning Course – Bitesize Tip

Let me just start by saying thank you to those who have shown an interest in this blog since last week, it’s been great to get all of your comments. I’ve heard from Instructional Designers and E-Learning Developers alike.

Today I’m just sharing a small post about a lovely little help feature in Football Manager 2015 that could easily be added to your next eLearning project.

The first time you are progressing through Football Manager 2015 (another incredibly complex game) you are presented with yellow question marks over certain areas of the game screen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.18.30

Once you rollover one of these questions marks you are presented with a small panel of information whilst the question mark now changes to a close icon. Clicking this close icon will remove the tip/help/definition from your screen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.18.40

I think this is a great way to handle instructional information that the user can easily close when they have no further use for it. Using an approach like the one in FM 2015 can actually eliminate the need for a Help screen. The tips/help/definitions in FM 2015 are displayed whenever you come across an area you may not have seen before, this could work exactly the same way in an E-Learning course. If the user is being given a new way of interacting with a particular screen why not use these helpful rollover sections to easily display a prompt for them. You could even use this information to give additional supporting information that your SMEs may want in the course but you know will just create an overkill situation for the screen.

Remember to keep checking back for more detailed blog posts on video game influence on E-Learning courses and quick tips for Instructional Designers and E-Learning Developers. See you in a couple of days!

Images copyright of SEGA.


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