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Gaming in Training – The Beginning

The new blog is live!

In this opening post I thought it wise to give a small introduction to the aims and objectives of my articles here.

Throughout my time as an Instructional Designer I’ve often drawn on games to provide me with inspiration for upcoming projects. It has served me incredibly well and with the upsurge of theories such as gamification the world is finally ready to start receiving their training in a style that more widely represents the skeleton of a video game.

The articles I post here will show examples of great game design that can easily be adapted to fit into the world of corporate training. Whether you need ideas for an upcoming project or whether you just want to see how the links that can be drawn between the two worlds this blog will keep you informed.

Gamification is a concept that is rapidly growing in popularity and whilst it has it’s critics I honestly believe in its strengths and ability to associate with generation Y who are beginning to enter the work space in far greater numbers.

The first article due this week will focus on Gaming tutorial levels and how instructional designers can use their structure and ideas to present content. After all tutorial levels in games are essentially training us and providing us with the skills needed to partake in the game at the required level.

I look forward to releasing the post in the week, now go play some games and get ready.


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